The Facebook Monster Awakes

Alright, that is a little dramatic.  Almost like one of those YAHOO! article titles that just doesn't deliver the goods; however, we have reached a milestone on our Facebook page (FB) Dopp Kit Media.  Now some of you may not like FB.  Understood.  I don't particularly like it either which is why DKM doubles as a pseudonym or cover.  

Anyways, DKM really thanks and appreciates everyone who has liked us.  We do not want to be a dormant "like".  Be it articles, videos that we like, or videos/writing that we produce, we want to give you a reason to really follow us.

Thanks for getting us to this first point.  The video attached is not fancy.  It has no lighting, or anything actually.  Just being in the right place at the right time.  When that happens...what you get is perfect.  Enjoy...Russian Ballads Live