DKM's new series "HUMANS being HUMAN" is Live

Hello Everyone in the Universe (or the few people who see these posts),

We Just launched our new series "HUMANS being HUMAN", a short-documentary series about Humans and the passion(s) that makes them Human.  Every episode will be as different as the HUMAN so don't get comfortable.

These are showcased on a new YouTube channel "HBH Series".  Subscribe if you want to see more of these as they come out (we're not so good at updating social media as you can see).  We have a social media handle too for this...  @hbh_series

Have a great spring


DKM's new short-doc on Wallenda and the Tallulah Gorge

Check out Dopp Kit Media's short documentary on Karl Wallenda walking the wire at the Tallulah Gorge in Northeast Georgia. We made this to bring attention to this beautiful area and raise interest in the possibility of Nik Wallenda recreating the feat made famous by his Great Grandfather.

Special thanks goes out to Tallulah Gorge State Park, The Georgia Department of Natural Resources, Joy Walstrum, and The Rabun County Tourism Development Authority.

Nik walks tonight in Chicago. Stay tuned.

DKM Working to bring Nik Wallenda to the Tallulah Gorge

The team at Dopp Kit Media has been working for quite sometime behind the scenes on a campaign to bring Nik Wallenda to walk in the footsteps of his Great Grandfather Karl Wallenda's skywalk across the wild and scenic Tallulah Gorge in Georgia.  This project is gaining momentum and was recently featured on the front page of The Clayton Tribune newspaper with DKM mentioned.

We are proud of our efforts in this project, and when the time comes, stay tuned for the mini-documentary we produced.


жина Russian Ballads

Beautiful Russian folk ballads sung late at night over whiskey and a pipe.  It does not get better than this...a dacha in Snegiri on the outskirts of Moscow.  Nothing fancy shooting wise here...just the right place at the right time.  Setup a Leica D-LUX 6 on the table and hit record.  Hit the link and enjoy.

Russian Ballads